Perfect as baby sitters, friends of the elderly, extremely intelligent and reliable.

If you get to know a Golden Retriever, you will easily understand why it is considered a perfect dog.

Golden Retriever originated in the early 19th century, after a long line of breeding from the Newfoundland, Tweed water spaniels and the Irish setter. All re
trievers are trained to retrieve hunting game as a trophy. Even if bred with the main goal to hunt as retriever, its characteristics make golden retriever an extraordinary companion for people of all ages and physical conditions.

Term golden is referred to its coat, of golden colour, fringed and straight, while retrieve to its main activity.

The coat of the American Golden is more curly, straight or with an increasingly golden color and with more ‘powerful structure.

Golden’s size is medium and the appearance is harmonious and balanced. The movement is smooth, but powerful, capable of good push and the pace is long and free.

One of the main Golden’s characteristics are the eyes, intense brown colour, surrounded by dark borders, they stand out for the gentle expression.

Some call the Golden as a “perfect” dog due to its unique character. This breed has many positive qualities.

It is very tame and gentle towards humans, especially towards children, with whom golden bonds a lot. This aspect makes Golden retriever a perfect playmate! Not only golden is gentle and devoted, but it is also never intrusive and knows how to respect its owner’s spaces, with whom is always at ease

Golden is  extremely adaptable to any type of environment.

If raised in a healthy environment, it is far from being aggressive or nervous.

One of Golden’s peculiarities is its  irrepressible enthusiasm.

Suitable for pet therapy. In this context Golden is especially used in long period recovery. There are unfortunately many diseases and disorders that force patients to the bed, even for long periods. Golden Retrievers can help to eliminate the loneliness and depression that often come up in these cases.

Delicate and sensitive, Golden gets in touch with those who have difficulty communicating with others: the language of gestures and gaze makes the “miracle” and restores the will to live and relate to many people in difficulty